Ron Caspari was born in 1951 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan to a family of German Jewish immigrants who fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s in search of a better and safer life.  Very early on, he was influenced by his family’s business, a water cooler rental company that serviced accounts in Manhattan and throughout the five boroughs. During his teens, he learned the fine art of business sales by canvassing most major office buildings in Manhattan selling water coolers to offices.

Ron learned every aspect of the business from the ground up, taking accounting courses at Pace College at night and learning Refrigeration at Apex Technical School.  He eventually ventured out on his own selling the then-new technology of word processing equipment with Exxon Office Systems, but ultimately moved on to Business Telephone Systems with a small private telephone company in Manhattan.  After approximately two years, he began selling for a competitor, Precision Interconnect, where he stayed for the next 25+ years, rapidly becoming their top salesman.

Approximately eight years ago, He left and ventured out on his own to start Metrodata Systems, LLC, a boutique phone system consulting firm incorporating all the selling and technical skills he had learned over the prior decades, taking the best of each business with him and making it his own.

As a consultant for phone and internet services, he was now able to incorporate all those skills into the successful business model Metrodata Systems has become today.  No longer did he have to sell a single product and meld the customer’s needs to that product.  Now he could take the best of all available services and apply them to his customers’ advantage.

As a business agent for Vonage, Ring Central, Mitel, TPx, Intermedia, Nextiva, and several other well-known brands, Metrodata Systems now provides their customers with multiple quotes and lets them choose the system that best fits their singular business requirements. Rather than having his customers look at three, four, or five different vendors, he has created a big tent where they can pick and choose from those products that are right for them in a single, easy to traverse vendor forum.

Currently making Marco Island, FL his home, Ron has run three New York City Marathons, has Scuba dived extensively in the Caribbean and South Pacific with schools of Hammerhead Sharks, and is a reptile enthusiast who has raised Indian Star Tortoises and bred King and Milk Snakes.  He collects art, is an avid street and portrait photographer, and collects rare and antique nineteenth-century glass from early New England glasshouses.